Fortress Business Systems has partnered with legal, medical, and small business in North Idaho and Eastern Washington to provide copiers, printers, document management software and excellent customer service. Our team has been in the office equipment industry for 80+ years. In that time, we’ve cultivated a robust network of professional relationships.


We’ve also observed what not to do when it comes to customer service. Because anyone can sell a box that plugs into a wall. At Fortress we want to become a partner not a just a vendor. Fortress goes two levels deeper than what offices are used to receiving from their printer or copier provider. Fortress customers think of us as consultants rather than just vendors. Why? Because our relationship with you begins with a conversation—and we do a lot of listening.



Our Focus? You.


  1. We discover not just what tools you use, but how and why you use them.
  2. We study your business process and your unique needs.
  3. We provide new perspective and ways to streamline processes and increase efficiency.
  4. We advise you about the very best solutions for your office needs.
  5. We provide comprehensive training to your office staff.
  6. We check in with you at least monthly to ensure that we’re meeting your needs.