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Businesses are rapidly adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend in their offices. The boundaries between different digital devices and between digital and analog worlds become ever more blurred – evolving toward IT convergence. These trends are also driving the need for convenient integration of mobile devices in the office setting. The workplace printing environment is no exception. Today, the smart mobile printing environment is the norm in numerous industries, from finance to healthcare and education.

Samsung Business is at the forefront of these trends, leveraging its leadership across an array of technologies to merge mobile with printing to help businesses create smarter offices. Here are a few areas where Samsung is bringing mobile trends into the printing environment:

Samsung Mobile Print App

A prime example is how the Samsung Mobile Print App can make printing easy and less burdensome. It gives users the ability to print, fax, scan, and even monitor printers on the go, without a complex printer installation.

When it comes to document management, each industry has different needs. In the finance industry, flexibility and security are the two main priorities. Even right before an important meeting, users can print complex financial documents with the Samsung Mobile Print App, sending the command from their smartphone to the nearest printer. And with secure authentication, users will not have to worry about missing printed documents. It’s seamless and smart, with no compromise on corporate security.

NFC Printing

Samsung also has a range of convenient solutions made possible with its tag-and-go NFC printing technology. With NFC touch-to-authenticate technology, users can simply tag the mobile device to the printer and verify their document ownership without having to use an ID card reader.

Healthcare is one of the many industries where professionals are making use of the secure pull printing feature and greatly appreciate the NFC printing technology. As patient records are increasingly digitized, security is paramount. Hospitals are busy places. It’s easy to imagine a situation where a doctor sends confidential records to print and then gets called away on emergency before he can pick them up. This is where NFC print technology shines. Even after a print job is sent to the printer, it will wait until the right person arrives at the machine to authenticate using their smartphone.

Android-based Smart UX Center

And then there’s the Android-based Smart UX. It represents a merger that brings smartphones, personal computers and printing solutions together. There’s no need to move back and forth from your computer to your printer because you can get it all done from the tablet-interface mounted on the printer. With the Smart UX, you can have more intuitive printing experience with touch and slide, and practical apps and widgets.

The Workbook Composer app is one of the useful Smart UX Center features. Educators find this app helpful given that instructors and students access diverse resources, ranging from lesson plans and group project presentation, to test forms.

For instance, the Workbook Composer app allows teachers to make course and test materials easily – even for those who are not skilled in making digital documents. Teachers can simply mark the hard copy and scan it, and the marked parts are automatically converted to an editable document. They can choose to print the document immediately or edit the document from the Smart UX. They can even send the file to their PC to use later. This app is useful for students, too, letting them scan and print only what they need from their textbooks. It saves both time and money.

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