Mobile printing, and the technology that drives it, is transforming offices everywhere. Even if your office hasn’t caught up to the trend yet, chances are you’re probably at least thinking about implementing a mobile solution. To fully embrace the demand for mobile printing among SMBs while also recognizing the continued growth in the BYOD trend, Samsung has invested in enhanced NFC technology. Samsung NFC printing technology can take printing capabilities far beyond the simple tag-and-go functionality that made headlines when it first appeared. Now, NFC printing technology becomes a meaningful investment for SMB owners, who constantly seek smarter and more efficient solutions that optimize workflows.

NFC can provide advanced features that make users’ printing experience more professional and convenient at the same time. It enables users to fax, print and scan more conveniently, optimizing workflows. Putting the technology to use in your office can accrue benefits right away. Here are some of the key ones:

User Authentication – Is buying another card reader a burden for you?

Users do not need to purchase an ID card/card reader to authenticate themselves on the printer. All they need is the authentication app on their mobile devices.

Secure Release/Pull Print – Do you need more secure printing without paying for extra cost?

NFC printing technology can also provide a higher level of security. Managers can require users to authenticate themselves before a printer will output a job. With Samsung Business Core™ Printing Solutions, like SecuThru Lite™, output management can be easily done through NFC on a mobile device. Users can easily and effectively keep unauthorized eyes from seeing their restricted documents.

Easy Wireless Setup – Is making a wireless setup challenging for you?

Setting up a printer does not require complex network configurations. Just by tapping the mobile, users can copy the wireless network setup information, such as SSID/secure code (WEP/WPA) on the printer setting and transfer the settings from the mobile to the printer. Without additional network configuration, the printer then automatically gets wireless connection.

Device Cloning – Are you worried about using a printer that you’re not used to using in another part of the office?

Frequently used functions can easily be copied from one NFC printer to another, making it easy for a user to send a job to a printer in a different part of the office. All you have to do is copy the main printer’s settings onto your mobile and quickly apply it to the other printer. This feature can especially come in handy in small office environments where there is more than one printer but no administrator.

Samsung NFC printing technology has been specifically designed to support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. Samsung Business understands the financial burden and managerial inconvenience SMB leaders face every day, and NFC printing technology gives you the power to move forward and leave the simple tag-and-go behind.

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