Save BIG time dollars, cashola, Benjamins, scratch, cabbage, coinage. Yes that’s right, $$$ on a Samsung SL-7500GX. Which in real people terms is a 50 page a minute, black and white copier and printer with a dual cassette paper tray. And with this fantastic special, you can add an additional dual cassette paper tray for a total of 4 trays and that’s not all. For a real nice extra high savings deal, add the Fax interface and really prepare to rock your printing/copying world!  The Manufactures suggested retail price for this superbly outfitted MFP…. $24,876.00 plus applicable sales tax.  Whoa, that’s a lot of greenbacks! That’s why Fortress Business Systems will help you save with a low offering of only $7,497.00, plus any applicable sales tax. Now, this very strong workhorse is what we call a “showroom demo model” as we have had it displayed in our nicely appointed and comfy showroom. But wait, that’s not all…..Take advantage of the year end IRS section 179 Tax Deduction with the additional 50% Bonus Depreciation, and really save!

Deals like this don’t often come around, not only do you save over Fourteen Thousand dollars ($14,000) off the suggested retail sales price, but to also have the option to be able to deduct the super low sales price with a full one hundred and fifty percent of the purchase price (150%) off your taxes? Wow, that’s what we call a deal. Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff as we would really like to meet with you, and if you like Facebook check us out and help grow our page as we save you cash and help make your year come to a happy and joyful end!

If you rather speak with us, why that would be great! Call us at 208.413.9099 as nobody calls anymore. They text, or Facebook ‘ya, Tweet something at you, maybe even yell at you when they’re driving down the road. But a personal phone call? Why that would be the cat’s meow.

Come on, don’t wait too long as with the rest of the great things in life, this special ends with the stroke of midnight on the 29th of December, 2017.