Hurry! Time is running out for you and your company to take advantage of the special Section 179 IRS Tax Deduction as 2017 comes to a close.

What is the Section 179 IRS Tax Deduction? The Section 179 IRS Tax Deduction is a special Federal IRS law that allows business, small and large,0 to deduct all of part of certain qualifying business equipment. For the purpose of this important notice, this means Copiers, desk top Printers, Multi-functional printers (MFP’s) Wide format printers, and desktop card printers all the way up to and including Government ID security cards, Drivers license’s too!

Click here to check out our great product lines or if you rather, call us at 208.413.9099 to discuss your printing/copying needs. This great opportunity to to capitalize on writing off this business expense for the 2017 tax year is great American way to save money for us Small Business owners. So don’t hesitate, act now and avoid the rush!

We have included a link to the official Section 179 IRS Tax Deduction website where you find answers to all your questions with some great 3rd party links to help share all about this Stimulus plan by the Federal Government:  the Official Section 179 Tax Deduction website  and this link will take you to the official IRS website:  section 179 IRS tax deduction answer page

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