Start the New Year off Right with an updated technologically advanced, Multi-Functional Printer for your business. If you are like most companies, you probably have a single; all in one printer on a few, or even a lot of your employees’ desks. They even may be of different makes and or models, which also probably means you have a file cabinet drawer or two filled with replacement ink cartridges. Cash money sitting there in a dark and lonely place waiting to be picked up, unwrapped and put into use, just for a couple of hundred prints or so, then cast aside like so many other unwanted items, good cash money, being tossed away, just like that, eating away at your bottom line. What are you, the Federal Government? If you are, that’s okay, Fortress Business Systems can help you save YOUR time and money too! And point you in the right direction towards office efficiency, so you can get on with the more pressing problems of growing your business, your department or your agency.

Fortress Business Systems has Great News for you. Not only can we help you in bringing your office to a more efficient and smooth running organization with our network scanning, emailing, faxing, copying, Managed IT and printing solution(s). We can share with you how to reduce your costs in toner or ink cartridge replacements, or our Managed IT services for your companies network. We are a local company specializing in providing the best scanning, emailing, faxing, copying and printing solutions for all businesses in the North Idaho, Eastern Washington and Western Montana area. We offer fantastic all in one deals on Xerox, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung copiers/printers along with Entrust Datacard desktop security ID printers and the ever popular Mutoh wide-format printers, and our unsurpassed customer service by our Certified technicians can be some of your companies best assets. Whether it’s our friendly, timely and free toner delivery, or our affable and knowledgeable staff, Fortress Business System wants to be your preferred choice when it comes to your office copying, printing and Managed IT services Partner, as anyone can be a Vendor.

And wait, that’s not all! You may be able to use the special Section 179 IRS Tax Deduction and write-off up to 150% of the costs associated with a new office Multi-Functional Printer. So you can take advantage the savings!

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Check out this link to help you make a more informed buying decision to make sure this is the write-off for you section 179 IRS tax deduction answer page

See how bright your New Year can be?